A Review of the Top 4 Celebrity Perfumes and Fragrances

Latest Trends in the Perfume Industry

A Review of the Top 4 Celebrity Perfumes and Fragrances There used to be a time when perfumes had to be marketed via radio, TV, and magazines. Although nowadays they are still marketed this way, perfume marketers don’t have to work as hard to promote them. Why? They now have celebrities promoting these perfumes. Celebrities are even coming out with their own perfumes lines and have seen much success. This is not just happening in the perfume industry. We are seeing celebrities marketing everything from fashion to cars and even sports drinks. Marketers now understand that sex isn’t the only thing that can sell a product. Celebrities attract a great deal of attention, so why not have them sell perfumes as well?

There are a couple ways that celebrities can get involved with a fragrance:

  • Perfume companies approach celebrities and ask if they can endorse a certain fragrance.
  • Perfume companies negotiate with celebrities to license the use of their name for a fragrance.

Jennifer Lopez’s “Glow” Line

In 2002 Jennifer Lopez ventured into the perfume industry with the launch of her fragrance, “Glow by JLo” and ever since then she hasn’t stopped. Her first launch was met with rave reviews in nine countries. She’s even created scents for men as well. Even with much fame and fortune, Lopez still likes to remind us that she’s still “Jenny from around the block”.

Paris Hilton’s Successful Perfume Line

One celebrity who has been very successful with her perfume line is Paris Hilton. Parlux Fragrances holds the licenses to Hilton’s line which has boosted the company’s revenues tremendously. Her first fragrance, Paris Hilton, became wildly popular and led to a succession of other fragrances including Just Me, Heiress, and Can Can. Paris Hilton is known and revered all around the globe, so anything with her name on it is sure to see much success.

Britney Spears Perfume

Britney Spears began her foray into fragrances shortly after Paris Hilton did. Of course, who better than to have a perfume line than the most talked about celebrity on the planet? Her first fragrance endorsement was Curious which was released in 2004. That same year Curious was named the best selling perfume. Ever since then she’s been endorsing and creating top-selling fragrances. Anyone surprised?

Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Lovely” and “Covet” Fragrances

The former Sex and the City actress was certainly a shoe-in when it came to selling fragrances. Fashionistas all around the world adored Sarah Jessica Parker for her fashion, so why not add a line of fragrances to her resume? Her “Lovely” and “Covet” fragrances were a collaboration with the firm, Coty, a company that has created fragrances with other celebrities such as David and Victoria Beckham, the Olsen Twins, Celine Dion, just to name a few.

These are just four famous celebrities who have given a boost to the perfume industry. There’s no doubt that there will be more celebrities in the future adding their names to the list despite resistance from those in the industry who say that fragrances have become a mere commodity and have lost their “luxury” status. This is not going to stop celebrities from taking advantage of their fame to make millions. Will this trend remain and change the way the fragrance industry does business from here on out? That will remain to be seen…

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