Finding the right scent

Finding the right scent With more and more different brands of perfumes rolling out and each claiming to be the best, how can a consumer differentiate between them? There is no hard set formula when choosing a perfume. The best approach is to choose something you like since you are going to be the person wearing the scent. In addition to choosing a fragrance you like, friends or your significant others may also give you ideas on what perfumes they’ve enjoyed or have heard positive reactions. The last thing you would want is to walk into a room to have everybody gasping for air because your perfume is too strong. Never overspray yourself. You may think the perfume is wearing off but in fact your sense of smell is just getting use to the perfume scent.

Most perfumes on the market today can be classified by one of the six categories based on their smell. Most young girls and even older women may enjoy fruit scented perfumes as they smell light and can be good for any occasion. Ocean scents are becoming a hit in today’s market targeted mostly for younger crowds who enjoy an intense scent which paints vivid seaside images in their minds. Classic fragrances that smell like flowers are suitable for women of all ages but mainly used by the mature crowd. The smell is traditional with a rich floral smell. Some perfumes smell like plants which is lighter compared to the other categories. The smell is less prominent on the nose which gives the perfume a pure and natural scent. Oriental fragrances are strong and very spicy. You should definitely try it out first by getting a tester or a sample bottle before purchasing the perfume. The intense smell of oriental fragrances can be a personal choice for an individual. Finally, some perfumes have the scent of nature captured in the bottle. The smell is refreshing usually imitating the smell of forests and woodland areas.

A nice fragrance on a woman can be the attention grabber she needs to initiate a conversation. After all, what the eye can’t see, we rely on our other senses…the sense of smell. Imagine yourself in a busy bar, men will usually turns their heads and look if they smell something they like, and this includes women, not only food. Therefore, a nice smelling perfume can be an effective weapon to use. The scent you choose will reveal a lot about your personality, such as your mood and character. Of course, different people will have different reactions to the perfume you’re wearing. Therefore, a perfume can be one of your most captivating assets when approaching people.

It is important to know how and when to put perfume on properly to achieve and accent the best of the product’s capabilities. Knowing how to put the perfume on can be important in releasing the full effects of the product. Most perfumes today come in boxed sets that include matching lotion and soaps with a similar scent as your perfume. If all of these things are worn together, the smell will last for a longer period of time so you will need to reapply less often. Furthermore, if you choose to use the matching lotion along with your perfume, you should spray the perfume on first before applying the lotion. Since a vital ingredient in perfumes is alcohol (causes the tingly sensation when you first spray it on) it can evaporate off your skin. By sealing the perfume with lotion, it can trap the perfume particles on your skin for a longer period of time, thus making your scent last longer.

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