Tips on Picking the Right Perfume

Tips on Picking the Right PerfumeThere are a number of ways on how to express one’s individuality. Some people do it through funky hairstyles, loud accessories, and witty one-liner shirts. Those who are more extreme get tattoos and piercing. However, if you want it subtle and if you have a low tolerance for pain, put your shopping cap on. It is time to shop for your signature perfume.

So, how do you choose the scent that will single you out from the crowd? The first step is to take a trip to the fragrance department of your favorite mall. Sniff your way to one that you find most appealing. Pour some on your wrist and choose a winner. Since you and your signature perfume will be spending a lot of time together, you have to like it! Do not be swayed by sales persons to purchase a brand just because it is new or just because of the freebies that go with it. Once you have made your choice, make sure that you put some on before leaving the house. In social gatherings, tell people that you are “test driving” a new perfume. Let them tell you what they think and be receptive to criticism. Consider their opinions among other things. Keep in mind that the first perfume that you try out may or may not be the one for you. You can always go back to the department store to get a new bottle that is more right-on-target with your taste.

Mull over what the perfume represents as well. A strong scent will definitely draw attention and a masculine scent could signal independence and dominating personality. Something fruity is perfect for someone fun and playful while something floral works best with those who are very feminine in nature. Do some researching. There are a number of helpful articles.

There is more to perfume than what meets the nose. Its price should also be within your budget. Otherwise, you would only use it on special occasions and this would defeat the purpose. You want to be able to enjoy your perfume on a regular basis without sacrificing your savings.

Choosing a scent that people will remember you by is a fun endeavor. Narrow down your options by letting the perfume undergo a rigid selection process. Once you find a match, use it whenever you can so others will begin to associate that fragrance with you. According to studies, the sense of smell is closely linked to memory. Hence, a perfume is both powerful and effective in making people think about you. It will also allow those you have just met to get a whiff of who you are before you even open your mouth to introduce yourself.

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