In Control Curious by Britney Spears, Perfume for Women: Review

In Control Curious by Britney Spears, Perfume for Women: Review The very first bottle of perfume endorsed by Britney Spears was Curious; her first release. I liked the scent, which reminded me of a bubble bath, sadly though the scent was a bit pricey, and it didn’t last long at all.

Following Curious, of course had to be a limited edition of Curious, called In Control. Funny name for someone so out of control…anyhow, I’m not really here to talk about Brit. I’m here to tell consumers about her nasty little limited edition we call In Control… lets get back on track. Oh whoops, I just dropped my baby… where was I?

Did I go to far? I went to far didn’t I? I’m sorry.

Okay back on topic…

In Control comes in the exact bottle shape that the original Curious came in. A gem cut shaped bottle, with a gorgeous tube and ball pump at the end of the tube (like Victorian bottles had, sadly I don’t know the correct term for it). You press on the ball pump, and the perfume sprays out at you. It’s really pretty actually.

The bottle though, unlike Curious, is a deep dark black color. I hated this only because it is hard to tell how much perfume is left in it.

Anyhow, I was not all all interested in making a purchase, because the original Curious didn’t last long. I assumed neither would In Control Curious. Hold awne a minit, Garwd…, I’m gettin married, like totally!

Where was I?

The first time I came across In Control By Britney Spears, I will admit that I did want to try it, because the bottle was in fact pretty attractive. The tester sat on the counter at my local Mandee’s, so naturally I gave it a try.

Squirt, squirt, here, and a squirt, squirt, there, and a trah la la la la….

In Control smelled like a barf bag. Well maybe not so horrendous, but in my opinion it was horrendous enough. It didn’t smell anything like the light floral/fruity original; Curious.

In Control smells much more masculine with notes of vanilla, and powder. The mix was just not a good mix in my opinion. I liked the original much better, and the original isn’t even that great. That doesn’t say much for the limited edition In Control.

Gimme uh second, I have to stop off at the gas station to take a pee!’

Where was I?

Ah yes, overall In Control By Britney Spears is another perfume in her line of fragrances that sucks. I’s probably the worst one as of yet. It not only smells stinky, but it also does not last long. I mean if you actually were weird enough to consider this a nice perfume, you’d want it to last long right?

Well it doesn’t, so go ahead and waste your money if you want.

Out! Going to get a hair cut.


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