Curve Crush Cologne Review

Curve Crush Cologne by Liz Clairborne ReviewPeople are constantly looking for methods to smell good. I have realized that when you smell good in life, you will get far. I have depended for quite sometime on a cologne to provide me results every night of my social entertainments. I needed a cologne that would be strong and pleasant, noticeable to a drunk woman yet not suffocating her. I needed this cologne to be the one that I would rely on when I needed that distinct smell night in and night out. The name of that cologne is the Curve Crush.

Packaged in its black box it was a fine collection to my cologne set. I really am selective with my colognes. I know there are a lot of colognes out there, which claim to be best sellers but that is not true. I do not want to pay a lot for a cologne that I can use to my social events. You do not want to where something that is cheap. Instead, wearing something that is pleasant and attractive can be the way to go. Whether it is trying to get the girl near you on the dance floor to be attracted or you are in a VIP club you can depend on the Curve Crush. I have used the curve crush in these places and I tell you that they work in both scenes. Here is my analysis on who this product is for and who it is not for.

What is the typical place that you would not wear the Curve Crush?

I would not wear it to any sort of job concern. I do not feel that this smell has a “business smell” to it. I get this sense from other kinds of colognes but this one did not give me that feeling. I would also not wear this cologne to any serious family matter. This directly includes funerals and birthday parties. Although parties is more acceptable, this cologne screams nightlife.

What is the attention received with Curve Crush and who is the man for this cologne?

Female’s I have been dancing with always love to put their heads to my chest. I do believe this has something to do with the cologne I am wearing. I feel as though they like the scent of my body in addition the smell of Curve. Although my natural smell is enjoyable, when crush is added it truly turns into a winning scent. This will probably be true with many people’s scent.

Overall Rating 8.6

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