Nautica Blue – Athletic Cologne – Product Review

Nautica Blue Cologne Review Whenever you hear the word Nautica, what does it conjure up in your brainstem? Usually its overpriced t-shirts, or posters at department stores showing beautiful young people sailing on a boat with their corporate logo on it. The Nautica Company produces plenty of shirts, pants, vests, watches, and wallets, but their colognes make up a substantial part of their sales totals. They have plenty of offerings, and while most of them are overpriced versions of stale Davidoff Coolwater, one of their’s is an excellent value if you don’t buy it from a mainstream department store. Nautica Blue can be purchased for around $20 in the 1.7 oz bottle size, which is even cheaper than some of the drugstore brands, that will send ladies running off in another direction. Its perfect for casual use, and while its probably marketed for the 18-25 year old crowd, I’d say its fine for anyone up to forty years of age.

This isn’t a cologne that you are going to wear to a fancy banquet, but its perfect for everyday use. The reason is simple enough, as its sporty and citrus notes, are the very definition of athletic. All you need is a spray or two, for all day use, and I think that’s just another advantage it has along with its pricing. I’ve used this cologne and received a lot of compliments, which tells me that its not as offensive as spraying my neck with a can of pepper spray. Its a bit sharp, so that is why it would benefit you to not go overboard with it, and throughout the day it does mellow out a bit. If you are looking for a subtle cologne, be sure to look elsewhere, as this is one that will get you noticed in a positive manner.

A lot of colognes burn when you apply them after shaving. This product doesn’t have a lot of alcohol content, so your freshly shaved pores will thank you after applying it. If you are interested in buying it as part of a “gift set”, they are available with after shave soother and body wash. You can get the set for around $35, which is also an excellent value, and allows you to combine the scents. Yet if you just want the cologne, it meshes well with athletic types of deodorant, such as Speed Stick or brands of a similar nature. Its great for working out, as this cologne fights sweaty odors, and lasts for the rest of the day after time in the gym.

As for the bottle, its very attractive. Its made of clear glass, in a strange, almost cylinder type of shape. The silver spray button adds an aristocratic touch to it, and it always delivers enough cologne with minimal effort. I really like how the cologne itself has a blue color that reminds me of ocean waters from the Caribbean. You can check online and find various deals for this, but I’ve found this priced competitively at lesser known department stores such as Kohl’s or Marshall’s. Its not among Nautica’s newest colognes, but its one of their better ones, and it has a much more athletic and masculine ones that are in the $50-$60 range. Give it a try, and see for yourself, that this is a cheaper priced cologne that won’t make you ashamed to save money.

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