New Perfume for Women by Guess

New Perfume for Women by Guess I have never been much of a fan of fragrances released by Guess. To me, they always had this masculine bug spray after note to them. So I never bothered with anything released by them. I found their fragrances to be too expensive, and not very appealing.

This week though while hunting out my specific favorite fragrance (Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue), I came up empty handed. Although I didn’t get the perfume I wanted, I did get the royal treatment as the sales associate behind the counter brought out sample after sample of perfume that he claimed were ‘similar’ to Dolce.

I disagreed with his sense of smell though. Nothing he allowed me to sample smelled like my lovely all time favorite.

He brought out one perfume and told me it was Guess New. That didn’t make much sense, I thought he should of said, New by Guess, but whatever. It made sense after looking it up. It is in fact called Guess New.

The bottle was pretty, and maybe worth saving even after the perfume is gone. Depends on your taste. The bottle is shaped sort of like an egg, with a mirror effect silver coat that wraps around the bottle and forms the signature G for Guess.

The perfume itself was pink, and really made the bottle stand out. I didn’t even have to smell it, I sort of already knew that the pink colored perfume meant it was going to smell floral. I was hoping not rose though, I cannot stand rose scented perfumes.

I took the bottle and sprayed some directly on my wrists. I was a bit shocked he didn’t just put some on a tester strip…but whatever. It’s all good.

Guess New definitely had a high floral note, and reminded me of bouquet flowers. It was a nice scent, but definitely not unique. It is a scent I had smelled before, and all too many times. It sort of reminded me of those cheap body sprays they sell in Walmart. Calgon. This cheap body spray is nice, but it never lasts.

I figured if Guess New lasted, it may of been worth a purchase, but if it didn’t, then the company wasted a lot of money by making fancy glass bottles for perfume that is actually body spray.


Before deciding whether or not to buy it, I left the store and did some more shopping. I said to myself, ‘if the perfume is still recognizable by the time I am done shopping, I will go back and buy it.’

An hour into shopping, and I was still able to smell Guess New. Two hours into shopping, I could no longer smell it. Even after raising my wrist directly under my nose, there was absolutely 100% no scent I was able to detect.

It was a bust. No way in hell I’m spending money on perfume that doesn’t (at least) last for the entire day.


Guess New comes in an attractive bottle; but you can’t judge a perfume by it’s bottle. Guess New, smells nice, I won’t lie. Perhaps even nice enough for a purchase. The last though is minimal. It’s my opinion, that if you are coughing up $60.00 or more for a fragrance, that fragrance better damn well last for the day.

Pricing and Availability:

Price will vary anywhere from $35.00 – $60.00. Test it before you buy it. Everyone’s body chemistry is different. Guess New could possibly last longer on others.

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