Perfume Review: Ralph Lauren Yellow #3 for Women

Perfume Review: Ralph Lauren Yellow #3 for Women Yay! Ralph Lauren has now made a Big Pony Fragrance Collection for women! This is a collection of four very different, very unique fragrances. First there was a collection made for men, and now there is one made for women. And in my opinion, the women’s collection is better than the men’s.

RL Yellow #3 is “the floral fragrance”. Of all the fragrances in this collection, this one may be the most wearable. Why would I say such a thing, because it has the most mature, yet pleasant scent of them all.
This fragrance is definitely floral-and strong. It is almost so strong that it hurt my nose a bit. It smells like a field of white lilies, a little bit of rose, and maybe some ivy. It also has that soapy note that I love fragrances to have. Everyone likes to smell clean, don’t we?

I think this one will be great for summer, but I would personally try to pull this one off all year. But still, I would have to give this fragrance 3 out of 5 stars. Why not a full 5 stars? Because the fragrance is very bold, yet not complex. It smells great, but it doesn’t smell like anything I’ve never smelled before. The other fragrances in the collection smell a little more unique than this one. But if I had to recommend just one of the fragrances, it would be RL Yellow #3.

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