Pleasant Perfume That Makes A Great Gift: Dior’s J’Adore

Pleasant Perfume That Makes A Great Gift: Dior's J'Adore You ever walk by someone and get the urge to grab them by the shoulders and just shake the beejeezus outta them because their perfume is just so incredibly cloying and they seem to have used an entire bottle that day? Rather than throttle these dolts, I may just hand them a bottle of Dior’s J’Adore now. This stuff is very, very nice mostly because it is very, very subtle. No matter how much you use.

I wanted a gift certificate to some insanely expensive shoe store. I wanted that new Jag with the 200k price tag. I wanted a castle in Sverige. What I got was Dior Voyage, a set of 5 Dior travel-size perfumes. It is a wonderful set… but it hasn’t got cool hidden tunnels, does it? Men.

What this set does have, however, is a very swanky looking little bottle of J’Adore. It kind of reminds me of a Djinn bottle or something, what with it’s pleasantly rounded bottom and long, sleek, golden coiled top. The top looks way cool sitting in my travel bag, but I do have to say that although the inside appears to be threaded, it can be pulled off rather than screwed off. This worries me just a tad as much as we travel, but at the same time I think that if any of my travel perfumes must spill all over my luggage, this one wouldn’t be that bad. Not to lose the contents, mind you, but because I would not mind my clothing smelling like this for the remainder of the trip. At all. I like J’Adore a great deal.

The ads are everywhere for this scent, which I believe came out the end of 2005. Try to walk through Macy’s without getting sprayed by it. The reps are hiding behind every turn ready to pounce with the biggest bottle of J’Adore I’ve ever laid eyes on. Let them spray you. You will love it.

They Say: The new fragrance from Christian Dior a sparkling fresh floral bouquet that is deeply sensual, totally feminine…and as contemporary as you are. It exudes top notes of tangy mandarin and ivy leaves, softened by the champaca flower, the heart of rare orchids, roses, and violets, with a base of damascus plum, amaranth wood, and blackberry musk. Welcome the fragrance that captures the essence of the 21st century.

Fresh floral? Well yes. With emphasis on the Fresh part of that. I’m not sure how to describe ‘fresh’ exactly, but this is it for sure. It is absolutely Totally Feminine. It is also deeply sensual. So far so good. Mandarin and Ivy, eh? Ok now that you mention it, I do get the ivy part… but I cannot distinguish the mandarin, or anything tangy for that matter. Orchids? yes. Roses? Just a bare whisp. Violets? Kinda. Amaranth Wood and Blueberry Musk? Aha! Yes, that’s the main scent I get personally. All those ingredients sound like they might be slightly gag-worthy, but trust me on this one, they aren’t. They blend beautifully together to produce just the barest waft of wonderfullness.

Now, this one is not perfect. I love the min-bottle, I love the bare freshness of the scent, but it doesn’t have the same lastibility of, say, Dolce Vita. If you put it on after your morning shower, you will want to refresh it before you go out to dinner. No biggy.

So. J’Adore is right behind the Dolce Vita on my favorites list. I really do adore how this one mixes with my body chemistry and will be springing for a full sized bottle next time I am in the Duty Free shop. I suggest you do the same.

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