Review of Jennifer Lopez’s Perfume, Live Luxe

Review of Jennifer Lopez's Perfume, Live Luxe Jennifer Lopez has a great line of perfumes out on the market. The newest addition to her collection is Live Luxe. She says this was inspired by the excitement of dance and her love of luxury when making this new scent. Live Luxe has a beautiful, yet gentle scent. It is great for everyday where, any time of the day. It is fresh, clean, and young smelling. I seems to have a hint of citrus undertones to it, possibly grapefruit. Live Luxe comes in a very glamorous looking box which is blue and has an iridescent multi-colored sparkle to it when the light hits it just right. It is supposed to look like tons of diamonds are falling down the front of the box into a big pile. The bottle is every bit as pretty too. It is a round shaped bottle with a short neck and red cap. There a patches of red, yellow, green, and blue all over the bottle.

I went to the Jennifer Lopez Beauty website, to see what the scents are that are incorporated into this fragrance. They were juice pear, luscious peach, exotic melon, electric citrus (which I guessed), apple twist, satiny muguet petals, amethyst freesia, sun sweetened honeysuckle, precious diamond musk, creamy vanilla, and soft sandalwood. This new scent is available in the following sizes: 1.0 ounce, 1.7 ounce, and 3.4 ounce. You can also get Live Luxe in a shimmer touch body lotion which comes in a 6.7 ounce bottle. A glittering shower gel is also available in a 6.7 ounce bottle as well.

I know it seems like every celebrity and their brother is coming out with a fragrance these days. I believe that Jennifer Lopez’s fragrances are different. They are unique and unlike any other on the market. The appeal to many different women. Jennifer Lopez’s fragrances are also very versatile where you can feel comfortable and confident wearing them work, to the store, or out on the town with your girls or the man in you life.

I am very happy with the addition of the Jennifer Lopez’s Live Luxe scent to her line of or products. I like this scent better than the original Live because it has an additional of many additional ingredients such as more fruit scents and sweet honey suckle. I think it fits in well with her other four perfume scents.

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