True Religion Hippie Chic Perfume Review

True Religion Hippie Chic Perfume ReviewI’m not being rude, but when I think of a hippie, I don’t necessarily think of chic. I love the hippie style, but chic would not be the word I would use to describe it. I still like the idea of mixing hippie with chic. Hippie Chic sounds like a new fashion look that I might want to wear myself. I assume this “look” is what inspired a fashion company like True Religion to make a perfume called Hippie Chic.

This perfume will surprise you-well it surprised me, at least. Why? Because when I think of the smell of a hippie, I think of earthy notes like herbs, spices, and maybe wild flowers. This perfume doesn’t smell like that at all. Well, it does have some flowers in it, but they smell tropical like orchids. But I don’t smell any hippie-ish notes like rosemary, sage or patchouli. It would be nice if they took a note like that and combined it with the orchid. That would have been pretty chic too.

Even though I was surprised by the fragrance, I was not disappointed by it. I love the scent of orchids, and it is chic even though it was not what I expected. The scent is very feminine and I can see non-hippie women wearing it–including myself. The fragrance is simple, but in a neat way. I’m giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

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