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  • New even stronger than the former FEROMIST NEW fragrance pheromones. A very MALE specific smell, it lasts even longer and is also saturated with active ingredients. FEEL THE SAME ALPHA, FEEL THE POWER ....... WITH FEROMIST IT IS POSSIBLE
  • The new FEROMIST is a response to the expectations of our customers. Strong male fragrance. Long-lasting fragrance. Rich saturation with pheromones.
  • - You will get the woman of your dreams - Women will be happy to give you their hearts and not only hearts. - Your confidence will take to a new level - Your position among colleagues, friends and acquaintances of all genders will be strengthened like never before. - Making new contacts will be easy and natural, without unnecessary stress and restrictions. - Casual flirting ..... Whenever and with whomever you want ... - A definite increase in attractiveness and self-confidence
  • Feel how your life changes, how you move your limits. Reach for goals that until recently seemed beyond your reach. All this is achievable with the new FEROMIST. The new FEROMIST 100ml, like other LoveStim products, is secured with a numbered hologram. WHEN BUYING THE PRODUCTS OF THE ALREADY KNOWN LOVESTIM BRAND, YOU CAN ALWAYS BE SURE THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE THE HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCT SECURED WITH A SPECIAL NUMBERED HOLOGRAM.
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT BENEFITS OF THE NEW FEROMIST FOR MEN: Male erotic fragrance that affects women Much more active ingredients Power over women Increased self-confidence and faith in your abilities A definite increase in attractiveness (you will feel it when most women pay attention to you) Strengthening your position in the group

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3.40 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

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