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  • The men's cologne balm is super small, easy to carry, not easy to spill, and can be added at any time. This unique and moisturizing solid perfume is sure to let your skin enjoy it.
  • The fragrance of solid perfume is more subtle and restrained. It uses the art of spice mixing to concentrate the spice into a paste, so that the aroma and your body scent are integrated.
  • The fragrance is locked with natural beeswax, and there are two layers of solid balm inside, which not only resists falling, but also lasts longer. Apply it on your beard, wrist or neck to make you smell better throughout the day.
  • The box is small and portable, and can be used anywhere, and can be opened by gently rotating it. Very suitable for travel, it can be put in a carry bag, briefcase, dopper kit, gym bag or desk drawer.
  • The cologne balm for men is made of plant extracts, does not contain chemical substances, and is safe to use. The woody fragrance is suitable for outdoor sports, dating, travel, and travel.

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