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  • ✅ EFFECTIVE! 100% Concentrate! You will attract women on an unconscious level; you will become the most desired and sexual! Suitable for both independent use as well as in combination with any cologne.
  • ✅ CONCENTRATE OF PHEROMONES! A strong pheromone concentrate for attracting women and exciting their sexual receptors! Patented blend of pheromones, including Estratetraenol and Copulins.
  • ✅ PROVEN INGREDIENTS! The latest formula used in this concentrat is able to master the whole being of a woman at your appearance! Effective in Attracting Women!
  • ✅ LASTS FOR 24 HOURS! Pharmaceutical level Perfume pheromone that work for more than 24 hours after application allowing pheromones to attract womens!
  • ✅ WORLD RENOWNED! Sex pheromones are a powerful thing. At Sexy Life, we have been able to build a great reputation around the world! With our high-quality arousal concentrate, our latest formula will help increase the sexual desire of all the women around you. It doesn’t hurt that our formula comes from the French city of Paris, “the city of love.”

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TOPILINE warmer 181

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