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  • 1 – RHUS MIDORIA: The aroma of the mix of dried fruit is pleasant and fresh, it invigorates and gives a boost of energy. Bergamot coolness is especially transparent and cold when hot rays of sugary juices of lychee and peach are woven into its canvas. This riot of colors shimmers multifacetedly, revealing various perfumery facets of an ambiguous composition.
  • 2 - FEEL NATURAL PURITY: feel our natural perfume for women on your skin! Perfumes consisting only of natural essential oils and the purest natural alcohol! Our perfumes are 100% herbal ingredients and are filled with the charm of exquisite aromas of essential and vegetable oils.
  • 3 - 100% POSITIVE EMOTIONS EVERY DAY: Our perfumery is perfect for everyday use, a gift for an important event and just to please yourself and loved ones! The exquisite aroma of our perfumes will stay with you from 7 to 29 hours thanks to the high quality essential oils that are contained in our perfumes.
  • 4 - BEST QUALITY AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE: Say goodbye to overpriced luxury perfumes. “Rhus Midoria” removes the “brand tax” from your favorite fragrances. Nobody sees the perfume that is on your skin, but everyone can feel the exquisite aroma of your perfume. Instead of overpaying for expensive designer perfumes, buy the exquisite “Rhus Midoria” perfumes and you will never regret it: exquisite 100% natural fragrances! Great mood! Unique combinations! Pay less - get the most - our motto!
  • 5 - BE UNIQUE ALWAYS: Discover your favorite scent from these mindful and memorable perfumes, created for you by the "Rhus Midoria" scent designers. Layer this natural organic perfume to create a personalized scent that is unique to you as the natural scents interact with your unique skin chemistry. Thanks to the compact packaging and small size of the bottles, the set of our perfumes fits comfortably in the bag so that your favorite perfume is always at hand.

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Rhus Midoria

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