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  • Front note: lavender, cold lemon, grapefruit; Middle note: sandalwood, cypress, lily of the valley; Base note: Musk, sterculiaceae green, moss green. The scents last all day, floral and fruity scents, natural fragrance. Quality spice adopted, mild and no irritation to the body.
  • Including 2pcs solid perfume of the package, meeting your different needs. Long-term use will not cause skin problems. All perfumes are extracted from different natural plants, blended and can be used with peace of mind.
  • Small and convenient, portable and easy to carry, no burden on the body. It can be carried around and put in your own cosmetic bag, unlike liquid perfume, which is easy to spill, and it can be good when the cosmetic bag is clean and dry.
  • Suitable for all skin types to use, cologne fragrance of the solid perfume. Beautiful appearance and lightweight designs, suitable for placing at dressing table. Exquisite gift box packaging, elegant and high-end, the best choice for friends and lovers.
  • Convenient to apply, can be used at anytime and anywhere, add your charming. Light fragrance with charming scents, as if surrounded by flowers. The light fragrance will not make it difficult for others to accept, and can also bring yourself a confidence.

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