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  • ✅ Grand Parfums Offers you an Organic Perfume Recipe in a Spray or Roll-on, in your Favorite Scent, equal to a designer or brand name fragrance in a Silky Smooth Formula which lasts for hours, without the chemicals and alcohol found in commercial fragrances.
  • ✅ Your skin will be fragrant, nurtured and moisturized at the same time by our organic oil formula. When first applied, our fragrant oils need to blend and be absorbed into your skin, before they start to "BLOOM" and to release the strength of the fragrance, so you might need a tiny bit of patience before the full essence and strength of the perfume is released.
  • ✅ The molecules in our oils continue to smell for hours; not like commercial scents, Some having alcohol content as high as 90% which will give you an immediate and intense experience, as the alcohol evaporates, sending up immediate impressions of the scent and molecules as they evaporate. Our Oils, on the other hand, are absorbed and incorporated into your skin, and stay there, sending out their wonderfui vapors for hours. You’ll love the luxury of pampering your skin and body with our oils.
  • ✅ Grand Parfums custom makes and blends your order with the highest quality ingredients: Organic Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, and Coconut Oil, (some recipes contain Essential Oils), DPG and Parfum (Fragrance). Keeping ingredients to a minimum, Our Formula is Simple and Uncomplicated. The Fragrances are Exquisite, Long-Lasting, Highly Scented, and many are UNIQUE to Grand Parfums. Apply fragrance to pulse points (wrists, neck, chest area and shoulders) Reapply as desired.

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Grand Parfums
1 Fl Oz

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