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  • Citrus incense: This perfume is a lemon and a Buddha's hand. Very fresh citrus is toned, and people think that it seems to be in the island, I feel the breath of vacation. Let your mood are very easy and pleasant, and those who smell this breath can seem to be on the beach, a sea breeze blows face.
  • Elegant atmosphere woman scent: This perfume is jasmine and peony, a little mature, suitable for women who have experienced experience. With this perfume, you can add a trace to your beauty, but the whole is elegant. It takes more and more eye-catching in the crowd.
  • To attract extra points: This light fragrance perfume can add points to your charm, so that you can put on your appearance and wear, more channels highlight your own charm. Let you be inadvertently, create a kind of bright and unique and unique, and can't help but close you.
  • Aroma dotted memory: This perfume is suitable for most occasions, the practicality is very high, and the compatibility of non-challenge and occasion is frequently used in daily life. For example, travel vacation or commuting work can be used, and the aroma is also a beautiful way to increase the charm in a memory.
  • Easy to use: This women's eau de toilette is easy to use, sprayed in the back of the wrist or neck behind the ear to help the fragrance spread. When touching your lover, these parts will add care to it, let her attracted you, add a few points to your love.

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