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  • Smell Notes: Berry-flavored seltzer water with a hint of periwinkle.
  • Type of Girl: You have locks for days but zero guts to talk to boys. Your style is similiar to Blair Waldorf from the show "Gossip Girl." Your homecoming dress looked like it was out of this year's Vogue. You can do a beach wave in under ten minutes.
  • The Vibe: Dreaming of the day in which you have a fragrance no one else can buy.
  • The Future: Continuing to have great hair, yoga class, the ability to make walking in heels seem effortless. Grad School. Extremely successful and a love of candles that cost over 30 dollars. Cocktails that include the word Enderflower. Instagram never Facebook.
  • How to Use: Use all over body anytime, anywhere. Spray on hair, clothes, and lingerie for that lingering scent of nostalgia.

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Tru Fragrance and Beauty LLC
3.4 Ounce

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