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  • 💕 This is a fragrance using real flower materials, which is naturally mild and non‑irritating, and emits a light fragrance.The fragrance is long lasting and it smells pleasant.
  • 💕 Luxurious and light fragrance, elegant and mature, is a floral and fruity fragrance created for mature girls.It is suitable for most people and is compatible with women of different personalities.
  • 💕 With pink exterior and connotation and bright colors of youth and romance, it is a floral and fruity fragrance created for fantasy girls.There are four different flavors for you to choose from。
  • 💕 Wash your mind with a calm fragrance, let people involuntarily want to be close, is a floral and fruity fragrance created for the Queen.Comfortable, refreshing, soft and long, a good set of small gifts. 3Pcs in a gift box.
  • 💕 Made of plant extracts, it is safe. Not greasy, more suitable for you to use.can be used with confidence.

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